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What We Do

Youth Helping Youth is an informative, community-driven non-profit that connects youth across several communities to valuable experiences and  opportunities. This includes internships, conferences, and networking opportunities, among others. Until now, the organization has primarily shared these opportunities across social media, allowing for easy online access. However, we think it’s time for a change.

Our generation is fortunate to be living in a time where opportunities are so prevalent. Still, we sometimes forget to acknowledge a systemic disparity and lack of opportunities in several regions. It is why we do not share opportunities, but also strive to create them.

Our Mission

Youth Helping Youth runs based on five pillars: personal growth, community, innovation, transparency, and empowerment. All youth have the potential to be leaders and change-makers. We strive to foster a community where students feel welcomed and inspired to collaborate and solve global problems. We value transparency in our actions and behaviours with our audience and team. Our ultimate goal is to become a platform where youth feel empowered to take initiative in their lives and embrace personal development.

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We currently partner with over ten organizations, including the Government of Canada, City of Surrey, and several accredited universities and businesses. By connecting with our organization, you will gain connections, promotion, and the chance to spread opportunities for youth in your community.

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